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Squeak, Budgie!

Authors: John Gohorry

Published by Smokestack Books

ISBN: 9781999674267

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John Gohorry has been talking to a budgie called Pipsqueak. A parakeet ‘fresh out of Paradise’, Pipsqueak is a popinjay, a polyglot and a polymath. And somebody has definitely been rattling his cage. Following in the tradition of John Skelton's sixteenth century satire, Speak, Parrot! Pipsqueak offers an irreverent commentary on the follies and failures of our age – from bird-brains on twitter and tabloids parroting lies to politicians talking cuckoo.

'Alternating between Rime Royal and satirical songs with medieval Latin choruses, Pipsqueak gets his beak into Brexit, Trump, the refugee crisis, the rise of neo-Fascism, UK/Russian tensions, USA/North Korean tensions, the royal wedding, the World Cup, the Chequers agreement, cabinet resignations, the Windrush scandal, the implosion of the Tory party and culminating in the seceding of the UK from the European Union in March 2019. This is one sick parrot.

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