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Tea with the Taliban

Authors: Owen Gallagher

Published by Smokestack Books

ISBN: 9780956814470

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Owen Gallagher’s third collection of poems is a book about the warring tribes to which we all belong. This is a journey to dystopia: from the Gorbals in the 1950s to contemporary Palestine. The poems here examine the loyalties of family and friendship, the sectarian and ideological loyalties of religion, class and politics.
Along the way we meet Emma Goldman, Trotsky and Shelley, and are shown glimpses of a distant worker’s republic – where Robert Owen cocktails are served on the beach every evening, and parliamentary debates are conducted in verse.

“Owen Gallagher’s poems should be more well known.”
Moniza Alvi

Owen Gallagher was born in 1949 in Glasgow of Irish parents. His two previous collections are Sat Guru Snowman and A Good Enough Love. Until recently he worked as a teacher in Southall. He lives in London.

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