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The Assay

Authors: Yvonne Green

Published by Smith/Doorstop (The Poetry Business)

ISBN: 9781906613174

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"I like the way good food and diction go together so clearly... The poems are different to what one normally gets in English, the issues far bigger, as in 'Dhimmi Under Sharia Law' (A Lawyer’s Poem) and in many others that one may benefit from."
Alan Sillitoe

"These enthralling and lovely poems begin with rich recollections of another country (‘so we ate, so we loved’), but darken into the shock of domestic violence. Her poems are absolutely straightforward to read, but quite unforgettable."
Alison Brackenbury

"Yvonne Green takes us into the unfamilar world of Boukhara and Judeo Tajik culture with complete assurance. For all the lucidity of her poetry, her work has an unusual density. This is a fine new voice, which deserves to be widely heard."
Elaine Feinstein

"Yvonne Green’s poems are strange, evoking unfamiliar worlds and seeing them with their own kind of language. She effaces their merely subjective self and her poems get into their subjects. What matters is the voices out there, and she hears them. There is so much world, so many stories, included here. It is wonderful to encounter this vivid annex to experience and understanding."
Michael Schmidt

Yvonne Green was born in London in 1957 into a merchant family of Central Asian descent. Her background is multi-lingual. Her mother was born in Egypt and her father in France. Yvonne read law at LSE and practised as a barrister in the Inner Temple. Her pamphlet collection, Boukhara, was a winner in the Poetry Business Competition 2008-9, judged by Alison Brackenbury.
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