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The Domino Hymn: Poems from Harefield

Authors: Grey Gowrie

Published by Agenda Editions

ISBN: 9780902400764

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An extraordinarily special and moving pamphlet in which Grey Gowrie charts bravely his own experience of having a heart and lung transplant at Harefield hospital.

In the honed, spare and articulate poems, in which he thinks of the man, his Domino, who had to die to donate his heart and lungs to him, his experience and that of the other patients, expands to become universal, in that it could be any war zone the poet is describing from the heart and anguish of lived experience.This is poetry at its deepest level.

Proceeds from the book go to Harefield Hospital.

Grey Gowrie is former Minister for the Arts and a great patron of poetry, as well as being a considerable poet himself. An earlier collection was published in his youth, and he is working on a new collection.

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