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The Elect

Authors: Sharlow Mohammed

Published by Peepal Tree Press

ISBN: 9780948833434

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Palmist Village in Trinidad has a rich mixture of Hindus, Muslims and Christians living side by side, happy to let each other be. But when Pastor Goberdan, local representative of an American fundamentalist church, comes to convert the 'heathen', things fall apart. A bitter struggle for the soul of Palmist begins as the new converts project their guilts and paranoias onto those who resist. For the Elect, the works of Satan are everywhere, and indeed, as the old 'heathen' restraints are cast aside, and as Goberdan's prurient obsession with the flesh taints his flock, an orgy of sexual jealousy, greed and revenge erupts in the village.

The Elect is is a timely and abrasive satire on the new imperialism of the fundamentalist Christian sects of North America which have swept through the Caribbean, claiming an exclusive possession of the truth, demanding absolute obedience from their followers and threatening the cultural independence of the region.

Sharlow(e) Mohammed was born in the village of Longdenville in the agricultural area of central Trinidad in 1949.
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