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The Finest Years & Me

Authors: Mark Woodburn

Published by Valley Press

ISBN: 9781908853561

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It is 1942, and the war is not going well for Britain. Winston Churchill faces enemies across the world, inside his own parliament, and within his very body and soul. His former ‘batman’ Jamie Melville, having left London in 1919 to build a life of his own, has been struck with a bitter tragedy. Glimpses of the man he used to be are becoming increasingly rare.

It takes an unexpected proposal from the Minister of Information to return Jamie to London, to stand beside his old Colonel at his time of greatest need. From the murky underground corridors of Whitehall to Washington D.C. and the Oval Office itself, Jamie is at the centre of high-end decision making, intrigue, treachery and betrayal. Amidst it all, he encounters the beguiling Meredith Macaulay, who has Jamie ultimately questioning his own values.

It was redemption that originally brought this odd couple together. Now, twenty-five years later, it is Jamie Melville who, in seeking his own personal salvation, unwittingly holds the key that will help to win the Allies victory – and deliver Winston, and Britain, to their finest hour.

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