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The Full Shilling: A Memoir

Authors: James Liddy

Published by Salmon Poetry

ISBN: 9781903392911

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James Liddy's memoir The Full Shilling follows The Doctor's House (Salmon 2004), but takes a different perspective, exploring the world of Liddy's parents and their friends in mid-twentieth century Ireland.

He presents an extensive gallery of portraits of those he knew in Ireland and the U.S. including his peers at U.C.D. Patrick Kavanagh, Flann O'Brien, Francis Stuart, Thomas MacGreevey, Michael Hartnett, Noel Browne appear on these pages together with many senior American writers and literary figures.

The memoir, unusually (in keeping with Liddy's eccentric style), includes short stories set in the years of his growing up in Ireland. The effect is personal, exhilarating and definitely more than nostalgic.

James Liddy was a senior literary figure whose influence extended way beyond Ireland; adding to the body of superior work by Irish writers living abroad. He was born in Lr. Pembroke St., Dublin, in 1934. His parents hailed from the cities of Limerick and New York. He lived in Coolgreany, County Wexford, intermittently from 1941 to 2000. Extensively published, for over thirty years, he lived in Milwaukee where he was a Professor in the English Department at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and taught creative writing, and Irish and Beat literature. James Liddy: A Critical Study, by Brian Arkins, was published by Arlen House in 2001. James Liddy died at his home in the United States on 5th November 2008.
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