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The Green Monk

Authors: Marcus Slease

ISBN: 9781911343486

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The Green Monk was written between London, Madrid, and Krakow, and engages thrillingly with various surrealist visions of artists and poets, including Leonora Carrington, Salvador Dali, Federico García Lorca, James Tate, and Chika Sagawa. It concerns, variously, queer erotics, animism & magic, food, death & sublime nature, fairy tales & alchemy, & the wonders of everyday life in Madrid. It is simultaneously contemporary and ancient, built on visual images and techniques of juxtaposition and collage, accompanied by entertainingly absurd narratives. These poems sit between worlds and take the reader on shamanistic journeys, healings, and transformations, through a language of migration and immigration, across various physical and imaginary, spatial and temporal, fields.






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