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The Harp in Wales

Authors: Bruce Cardwell

Published by Seren

ISBN: 9781781720806

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Bruce Cardwell’s latest book is a celebration of the harp in Wales, an instrument as symbolically key to a Welsh identity as the flag itself.

Cardwell provides a history of the harp in Wales: how it grew to prominence, its evolving role in Welsh culture and symbolism, and the booming harp business today. He also explores the craft of harpmaking, including the variety of construction, materials, designs and aesthetics, issues of ‘playability’ and tone, and the fusion of craft skills with artistic sensibilities. The book also contains portraits of 36 contemporary Welsh harpists, their individual repertoires and how they see their place in the continuing tradition. These harpists include Catrin Finch, Elinor Bennett, Delyth Jenkins, Robin Huw Bowen, Twm Morys, Gwenan Gibbard, Harriet Earis and Llio Rhydderch.

Bruce Cardwell is the author of Hoofpicks: Photographs of the Horse in Wales (Seren, 2009) and Noteworthy: Images of Music (Seren, 2011). He is also a practising folk musician, playing flute, violin and citrain, and has appeared in Wales, Britain, Ireland and Europe. He lives in Aberystwyth.

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