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The Journey Home

Authors: Carol Brierly

Published by Smith/Doorstop (The Poetry Business)

ISBN: 9781869961961

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Carol Brierly has for many years, through the mediumship of her friend Maggie Lewis, received the channeled wisdom of a Cosmic Teacher, known to her as Mahel.

Mahel, who himself has lived on earth, has come to help humanity undergo a tremendous transition from the third to the fourth dimension.

Our world is changing and his task is to prepare us for what is to come; to help us to develop our higher consciousness; and to redevelop and express our higher senses to meet the change.

We live in exciting but troubled times, and Carol is committed to conveying Mahel's words to the world. She explains clearly the esoteric idas he has conveyed to her; but the one overwhelming message is that of the most powerful force in the universe: love.

Carol Brierly is an Aeolian harp. The wind of the spirit blows through the strings of her mind and the verbal music it plays uplifts and inspires.

- Max Payne. The Scientific and Medical Network.

Carol is the author of the well-received A Textbook of Healing. Now retired, she formerly ran the Prometheus School of Healing, near Huddersfield.
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