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The Lie of Horizons

Authors: Desmond Graham

Published by Seren

ISBN: 9781854110848

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The Lie of Horizons is Desmond Graham's first full collection of poems. Varied in scope and range, these poems take on subjects as personal as his parents and as public as 'Mrs. Thatcher's England'.

There is a series of incisive, satirical poems where street people become Shakespearean characters. Portraits of Rembrandt feature in another series, and the author’s travels inspire the moving poems set in Europe: 'Kristallnacht', 'At The Jewish Cemetery' and 'Poems From Poland'.

Graham's poems about cities in Britain point to his fascination with the way history and politics affect the culture and character of the people. Refreshing for its clear-eyed and sympathetic look at the world, The Lie of Horizons is a thoroughly enjoyable debut from a fine writer.

"This is an impressive collection. Graham's careful use of rhythm, of incidental, never forced rhyme and of understated emotion create a lyrical voice which is refreshingly ironic. He invigorates phrases which hover on the verge of cliche as he does the cliches of his native society, intent on broadening their scope, proving their lie."
Poetry Oxford

Desmond Graham was born in Surrey and educated at Leeds University. He has lectured at Universities in Africa, Germany and, since 1971, at Newcastle upon Tyne. He is the author of a biography of Keith Douglas and the editor of his poems and prose. He is also the editor of an anthology, Poetry of the Second World War.
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