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The Looters

Published by Seren

ISBN: 9781854110190

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The Looters, his fifth collection of poetry, confirms Robert Minhinnick's reputation as one of the most original poets writing today.

The startling imagery, the rich texture of his language, the sheer craftsmanship of his work show us why he has been called "the outstanding poet of his generation in Britain" (Outposts).

In The Looters Minhinnick combines this eloquence with deeply-felt themes of political and racial oppression, mental illness and environmental destruction. Many of the people in these poems live under pressure, yet the humour and compassion of the poet, and their own resilience sees them face an often inhospitable society in a world which, ecologically, is winding down.

"Robert Minhinnick's collection has a sinewy, supple strength. Many of the poems stay in the mind after the book is closed"

"Minhinnick is an ecologist with a wide angle lens. It's not just ozone layers and rain forests but a whole vision tying together ecology, culture and human values in a pattern of renewal and vitality, which draws on the past without being imprisoned by it"
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Robert Minhinnick is the prize-winning author of two volumes of essays and seven volumes of poetry. He has also edited a book on the environment in Wales, written for television and provided columns for The Western Mail and Planet. He is the co-founder of the environmental organisation, Sustainable Wales, and is currently the editor of Poetry Wales.
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