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The Meaning of Flight

Published by Seren

ISBN: 9781854113863

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This new collection of poems is Meredith's first since Snaring Heaven from the early nineties. Meredith is well-known as a novelist, and his poetry shares some of the qualities that make his fiction so memorable: a palpable passion for landscape and humanity's place in it, an inventive and versatile verbal imagination, a distinctive voice that can range from the contemplative to the ironic, even satiric.

His new work in this collection combines the usual engagement with the wider world and a freer movement between personal and impersonal voices. Recurring concerns are the relationships between belonging and dislocation, contemplation and action, fixity and movement, the ambivalent relationship between the world and art's attempt to pan out its nugget.

"Meredith is particularly skilled at capturing animal life in a quizzically respectful manner... Seren already enjoys a well -established reputation for an impressive roster of poets with stylish collections"
The North

Christopher Meredith is a poet, novelist and currently lecturer in Creative Writing at the University of Glamorgan. Born in Tredegar and educated at Abersytwyth and Swansea, he worked for some time in a south Wales steel plant, and as a teacher. His novels are Shifts, Griffri and Sidereal Time, and he is the author of a collection of poetry, Snaring Heaven. His books are taught in universities in Wales and England.
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