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The North: 48

Published by Smith/Doorstop (The Poetry Business)

ISBN: 22833-0269-9885

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The North 48 showcases 143 poems by 82 poets.


'Poets I Go Back To' — Simon Currie and Chris Jones

'Blind Criticism' — Andrew Forster and Helen Mort discuss Taedium Vitae


John Killick on Helena Nelson, Frank Ormsby, Anna Robinson, Mary MacRae
Angelina Ayers on Mary Oliver, Peter Bennet, Anne Caldwell
Jane Routh on Justin Quinn, John Montague, John McAuliffe
Liz Cashdan on Ivor Gurney, Tom Rawling
Stewart Conn on Derek Mahon
Neil Roberts on Plath and Hughes
Noel Williams on Clare Pollard, Kate Potts, Gill McEvoy
Nina Boyd on Some Girls Mothers
Peter Carpenter on Hannah Lowe, Michael Mackmin, Steven Blyth
David Cooke (1) on Tim Dooley, Oz Hardwick, Adam O’Riordan
David Cooke (2) on Matthew Sweeney, Katrina Naomi, A.F. Harrold
Kay Syrad on Writing Your Self
Belinda Cooke on Vasko Popa, Tadeusz Rózewicz
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