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The Path to the Sea

Authors: Thomas A. Clark

Published by Arc Publications

ISBN: 9781904614227

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Thomas A Clark is highly-regarded as a minimalist Romantic poet whose work is consistently attentive to form and to the experience of walking in the landscape. He returns again and again to the lonely terrain of the Highlands and Islands as a starting point, treating the finished book as imaginative space, the page a framing device around an image or a phrase, the turning of pages a revelation or delay. His poetry is intensely lyrical, with every detail, every observation pared down to its quintessence so that there is not a single wasted word. This long awaited collection will be welcomed by all those with an interest in the contemporary British pastoral tradition.

“Clark recommends the world to us with a strenuous intelligence, humorous quietness, and a practical self-effacing coursage.”
Clive Bush

Thomas A Clark was born in Greenock, Scotland. In 1973, with his wife Laurie, he started Moschatel Press, as a vehicle for small publications by Ian Hamilton Finlay, Cid Corman, Jonathan Williams and others. In 1986, the Clarks opened Cairn Gallery, one of the earliest of ‘artist-run spaces’ specialising in Land Art, Minimalism and a lyrical or poetic Conceptualism, which is now located in a small fishing village in Fife. In addition to his books and smaller publications, Clark has also made site-specific installation in galleries, gardens and in the landscape, and has many works in permanent collections world-wide.
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