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The Puzzle-Heart

Published by Salmon Poetry

ISBN: 9781897648971

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"These assured poems speak of sorrow and loss, loneliness, relationships, tender and erotic love, the seasons, with delicate grace and clarity. Though frequently elegiac in tone, Louise C. Callaghan's poetry in its journey among 'the hedgerows of the heart' is a poetry of affirmation and celebration."
Niall MacMonagle

"Callaghan's poetry meshes a personal and universal world-view, drawing on memory and relationships. Celebrating both love and loss she writes with a lyric voice. Ultimately, it is the courageous human spirit in many of these poems, which connect her to her readers."
Joan McBreen

Louise C. Callaghan was born in Dublin and educated at University College, Dublin. She has travelled widely in India, the USA, Majorca, Spain, Mexico and Ecuador, South America. She spent 1995-1996 in Oakland, Northern California where, together with facilitating writers' workshops for women, she took creative writing classes at the University of California at Berkeley. The Puzzle-Heart is her first collection of poetry. Her second collection, Remember The Birds, is also published by Salmon.
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