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The Radio Was Gospel

Authors: Elaine Feeney

Published by Salmon Poetry

ISBN: 9781908836380

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The Radio was Gospel was born, like its author, amid the sights and sounds, quirks and traditions of County Galway. We visit places as close to home as the local church, Salthill and the Aran Islands, and as far afield as Spain, Venice and San Francisco, all the time moving between savage wit and startling beauty, and the contrast between the way things are and the way they should be.

“Elaine Feeney’s poetry is gritty and gripping. At times poignant, at times hilarious, sometimes just downright naughty...” – James Falconer


Elaine Feeney has performed at various festivals in the UK and Ireland, including Cuírt and the Edinburgh Fringe. Her most recent poetry collection is Where’s Katie? (Salmon Poetry, 2010; ISBN 9781907056437). Her poetry has been broadcast on RTÉ radio and TV, and published in magazines like The Shop and The Stinging Fly. She lives in Athenry.

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