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The Sea of Azov

Published by Five Leaves Publications

ISBN: 9781905512607

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New fiction by Ali Smith, Jon McGregor, Tamar Yellin, Richard Zimler, Amy Bloom, Nicole Krauss, Karen Maitland and others…

“And so I read these stories certain that I would find connections between them and there are plenty. Whispers and shadows abound. The dark menace lurking in the best fairy tales is never far from the surface in most of these stories, too. All the contributors, whatever differences in age, gender or geographical location, are trying to make sense of the brutal century from which we have emerged and the uncertain one into which we are still tentatively trespassing, not ready to claim ownership. Some seem to have sought connections to dead relatives who live on in memory or genetic inheritance.”<.i>

From the introduction by Anne Sebba, author of Jennie Churchill: Winston’s American Mother

About the editor: Anne Joseph is a freelance feature writer and editor. She previously worked for several years as submissions editor for Haus Publishing. Her book, From the Edge of the World (2003, Vallentine Mitchell), is a collection of letters and stories written by Jewish refugees.

The Sea of Azov was the birthplace of Chekhov – the master of the short story.

"This is published in association with World Jewish Relief (the organisation that brought children out of Nazi Europe) and contains some fine short stories around the theme of connection. In Ali Smith's True Short Story the narrator hears two men talking about the difference between the novel and the short story. This nudges her to call her friend Kasia, who is a world expert on the short story and has breast cancer. In Jewish Values Michelene Wandor writes of an academic who has rejected her Jewish identity and founded her reputation on a shocking secret. Altogether, it's a surprising collection; thinnish in places, brilliant in others."- Kate Saunders, The Times

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