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The She Chronicles

Authors: Lisa Rodgers

Published by Iron Press

ISBN: 9780993124518

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The poems in this collection are inspired by the courageous, unconventional, pioneering and indomitable spirits of some remarkable Restoration and 18th century women. Their histories and accomplishments are mostly absent in the modern consciousness and were invariably ignored or belittled in their own time. The women are disparate with regard to class and personal circumstance, however they are united by their audacity in being unconventional, or even simply notable, at a time when this was the prerogative of men.

These poems are not works of historical fiction. Just as observations and reflections on contemporary life and experiences are harnessed as poetic material, so some impressionistic gleaning of the lives ahead provided the muse for this collection. And while many are necessarily flavoured with historical nuance, there is a universality in what the lives of these extraordinary women present to us: as individuals who know what it is to hope, love, struggle and survive.

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