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The Sleepwalkers' Ball

Authors: Alan Bilton

Published by Y Lolfa

ISBN: 9780955527265

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“A script put together by Franz Kafka, Spike Milligan and Charlie Chaplin at a drunken party to celebrate the twinning of Royston Vasey with the Gorbals. A welcome addition to Celtic Gothic.”Lloyd Jones

Set sometime around now - and yet also any time - this is a beautifully surreal slapstick romantic comedy, wrapped around the forms of the silent film and the Gothic city ghost tour.

A cross between Kafka and Mary Poppins - Clara Bow meets Charlie Chaplin by way of Gogol - The Sleepwalkers’ Ball is filmic, funny and lyrical in turns. Always moving, it follows two people - a man and a woman - and their many attempts to hook up together.

“Back to the castle we go, for all tours must end at the same point they begin. What’s that sir? Our theme? Why, the indolence of man, sir, lethargy, laziness and sloth.”

“Stimulating…wide-ranging... thoroughly readable... superb”European Journal of American Culture
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