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The Sustainable Nihilist's Handbook

Authors: Jonny Fluffypunk

Published by Burning Eye Books

ISBN: 9781909136021

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“A sublime mix of grace, verve and punk rock pizazz.” - Dan Cockrill


Achieving a state of Sustainable Nihilism has not been easy for Jonny Fluffypunk. The genesis of this revolutionary has involved an up-bringing of scientific exactness, complemented by experimental cross-dressing, existential fist-fights and being possessed by the spirit of a relentlessly swearing 17th Century Ranter. Nourished by fermented mysticism and the Devil’s music, Jonny takes us along for the coffee fuelled bicycle ride as he searches for the best poem in the world; beset by complex towel hierarchies, the guilt of a trout sacrificed on the altar of innocence, and numerous erotic encounters.

Jonny Fluffypunk: stand-up poet, sit-down storyteller and give-up guitarist. An economic refugee from the home counties, Mr Fluffypunk has dragged his art around the cabarets and poetry salons of Britain for over a decade. One parent is dead, the other is mad. He now only has a partner and two sons to disappoint.

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