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The Truth and Other Stories

Authors: Sarah Clancy

Published by Salmon Poetry

ISBN: 9781908836915

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About The Truth and Other Stories by Sarah Clancy:

In this powerful book she excavates the personal and physiological wreckage caused by the grim and unrelenting recession in her native Ireland and further afield without sacrificing any of the warmth, wit or linguistic extremity we have come to expect from her.

In a poetic game of truth and dare the poems here flit between testifying to and then blatantly denying the factual realities of her many protagonist’s experiences.

Even in the most heartbreaking poems (and some are heartbreaking) her language is casual and often almost offhand, leaving the reader to feel at times like an uninvited eavesdropper, listening in to a forbidden conversation. The book’s momentum and undoubted sense of excitement, though, come from the writer’s artistic awareness of the endless possibilities we have for inventing new selves with which we can see the world anew over and over again.

Sarah Clancy is a page and performance poet from Galway City. Her first themed chapbook of poetry, Stacey and the Mechanical Bull, was published by Lapwing Press Belfast in December 2010 and further selections of her work were published in 2011 & 2012 by Doire Press Galway.

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