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The Writing on the Wall

Authors: Peter Kruschwitz

Published by Two Rivers Press

ISBN: 9781901677997

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Peter Kruschwitz, a Classics scholar and specialist in the
Latin language and its history, uses these questions as
his starting point in The Writing on the Wall: Decoding
Reading’s Latin Inscriptions. In it he reveals a fascinating
range of texts chosen from the wealth of Reading’s Latin

Starting from the statue of King Edward VII outside the
station, the reader embarks upon a journey of discovery
through the remarkable and checkered history of this
town, uncovering some of Reading’s hidden treasures and
recalling the individuals who have made the town what it is

Whom, or what, should we remember? And why?
Knowledge, true or false, that passes on from one
generation to another forms part of a tradition, a legacy.
We need to understand that legacy in order to preserve
and appreciate the rich heritage we have been left.

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