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Theme and Version: Plath and Ronsard

Authors: Anthony Rudolf

Published by Menard Press

ISBN: 9781874320067

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This book presents the previously unpublished translations of Ronsard which Sylvia Plath made in 1956 or '57, during her time as a mature student at Cambridge.

Daniel Weissbort, who knew Plath there, contributes an essay on her approach to translation. Audrey Jones's essay discuesses Renaissance iconography in Ronsard and its mediation through Plath's work. The third essay is by Yves Bonnefoy, on the significance of his great precursor.

'Plath's translations are unfired clay. What one does carry away from this book is close contact with a mind that was to produce very thrilling verse indeed, and soon.'
- Alistair Elliott, Comparative Literature
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