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Then And Now

Authors: W. D. Jackson

Published by Menard Press

ISBN: 9781874320043

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“In these days, when so much poetry is solipsism, it is refreshing to read a poem that attempts something larger, to examine cultural history and the individual’s place within the system…. and forces one to consider whether one agrees with it. Add to that, it is exciting and entertaining….”
Roland John, Acumen

“Then and Now is a lovely book, endlessly surprising in its variety and range, and in the resourcefulness of its rhyming, learned, tough and humane”
John Wakeman, The Shop

Begun in the North of England in 1981, 'Then and Now' constitutes the first - self-contained - instalment of an extended work-in-progress on the subject of history and individual freedom. Consisting of tranlsations, quotations and notes as well as original poetry, the sequence proceeds by adopting and adapting personal, cultural, political and literary history.

W D Jackson grew up on Merseyside. Except for a couple of years at the University of Passau, he has earned his living by freelance work.
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