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Thief With Leaf

Authors: Brian Chan

Published by Peepal Tree Press

ISBN: 9780948833229

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Thief With Leaf won the Guyana Prize for Poetry in 1989.

"The distinguishing mark of Brian Chan's poems is that they constantly illuminate the moments of everyday living; wherever the poet finds himself, glimpses of actual and remembered scenes come to him in moving detail... Each poem in this selection is life-enhancing. There is no vain pursuit or striving after slogans, catchphrases, sentiment, or any other seductive, transient passions. For the poet, poetry at its best is like a best friend, trustworthy and of lasting value, an art in which to invest an individual's own quest for permanence, an art through which to converse sincerely, explore and transcend experiences, so we find in them a voice which expresses the most permanent qualities of vision. This is a collection of poems essentially of spiritual questing, Zen-like, giving at their best a quiet spiritual aura to the everyday."
Jan Shinebourne

Brian Chan grew up in Guyana. He is an accomplished musician and painter, and now lives in Edmonton, Canada.
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