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To Photograph a Snow Crystal

To Photograph a Snow Crystal

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First stage winner in The Poetry Business Book & Pamphlet Competition.

‘an original talent with an unusually good ear for verse both formal and free’ – Sean O’Brien



He settles in the burn
till snow-melt smooths his young face younger still.
I would recall
all the lost places of his life & find them new again,
the images to which he will return:
a fossil of two fern leaves, which he found & gave to me;
a nest
of baby weasels, bald & reptilian.

He says We’d best work fast,
& drops his handkerchief into the nest:
the cauldron seethes: claws & teeth
needle the handkerchief.
When they’re attached, he lifts a clutch
of weasels up for me to see.