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To the God of Rain

Authors: Tim Liardet

Published by Seren

ISBN: 9781854113351

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These complex, intricate and fascinating poems are like miniature novellas, full of incident and atmosphere.

Their titles set scenes: 'Whisky Drinker Considers his Skirmish with Death', 'A Futurist Looks at a Dog', 'Re-reading Lolita in a Tropical Climate'. Tim Liardet can delineate character in swift, ironic swipes; strange coincidences are celebrated; a glimpse of 'The Footwork of the Jazz Pianist' inspires a dazzling handful of perspectives. The peculiar vertigo of travel: a mixture of fear and excitement, permeates many of the poems. Love too, induces dizzying states in poems like 'Tremble' and its companion piece, 'Tremble, Tremble'.

This highly accomplished and entertaining new collection is a Poetry Book Society Recommendation.

"Tim Liardet's diverse and skilful collection deserves to be read"

Tim Liardet was born in London and educated at the University of York. He has travelled extensively and worked in the fields of Information Technology and Marketing. Widely published, he currently works as a freelance writer, editor and tutor.
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