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Truth Games

Published by Cinnamon Press

ISBN: 9781905614721

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After the hippies and before the yuppies, between the advent of The Pill and the onset of AIDS, between the ‘summer of love’ and the ‘winter of discontent’, the newest game in town was sex.

In mid-seventies London a group of friends play a dangerous game of open marriages, secrets and lies. “It’s only sex, Ann. It won’t hurt us,” claims Lois, beautiful, talented and determined to get whatever or whoever she wants without being held back by her long-suffering, academic husband, Hugh. In homes and offices, at parties, on holidays, wherever they are, sex is there for the taking. But bed-hopping carries a price. Can love be free? Truth Games bares all. It’s fast, funny and sexy, but as the summer heat increases, stakes are raised and consequences have to be faced...

Bobbie Darbyshire is also the author of comedy of errors Love, Revenge & Buttered Scones, longlisted for the 2011 International Rubery Book Award. Her piece Beads on a String won the New Delta Review Creative Nonfiction Prize 2010. She won the 2008 fiction prize at the National Academy of Writing and was published in their anthology Finding a Voice. Bobbie has worked as barmaid, mushroom picker, film extra, maths coach, cabinet minister's private secretary, volunteer adult-literacy teacher and care assistant, as well as in social research and policy. She hosts a writers' group and lives in Clapham, London.

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