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Uncontrollable Fields

Authors: Steve Griffiths

Published by Seren

ISBN: 9781854110428

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Steve Griffith's long-awaited third collection of poems Uncontrollable Fields is a sensitive look at the contemporary world, the legacy of politics, history, love, chance.

Ranging across Wales, England and Spain, from Owain Glyndwr to cruise missiles at USAF bases, these poems probe and plot our society today. Griffiths also finds a more personal entry to his exploration through the lives and deaths of his parents, which loom large in outstanding poems of remembrance. Throughout, the poet demonstrates once more his sense of form, his control and his exciting use of imagery. Steve Griffiths is a serious writer, a perceptive social commentator totally engaged with life.

"He provokes a wary excitement and the feeling that our own time is being plausibly imagined... He reminds us of a great lack in our poetry"

Steve Griffiths was born in Anglesey in 1949, where he lived until he was eighteen. He read English at Cambridge and did various jobs until 1973, when he began his involvement with community work and welfare rights in north London.
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