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Underworld: The UEA Undergraduate Creative Writing Anthology 2014

Authors: Andrew Cowan

ISBN: 9780957661141

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The first in a new line of anthologies of undergraduate writing from the University of East Anglia, a university renowned the world over for its creative writing programme.

Inside these covers a remarkable range of work by forty-six writers of prose and poetry awaits discovery. There are dreams and nightmares, facts and theories, experiments and routines, couplings and separations, confessions and concealings, bodies and minds, umbrellas and football boots, lovers and strangers, arrivals and departures, fantasies and realities, rooms and rivers, whole landscapes in beans and beans in whole landscapes. One way or another, however you choose, it is time to enter the Underworld…

"Underworld displays the extraordinary range, style and inventiveness of our undergraduate community of writers. There is a great deal to showcase and celebrate."
- Andrew Cowan

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