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Carole Bromley's poetry has a sense of linguistic magic, with a strong ability to evoke a place. Her protean voice can shape itself to different material so that it never becomes predictable or monotonous.

She is married with four children and lives in York where she tutors in Creative Writing for the University of York. She is a recent graduate of the M Phil in Writing at Glamorgan University. Her poems have been published widely in magazines and anthologies, and she has been highly placed in many competitions.

'Succinct, well-constructed and powerful.' - Wendy Cope

This collection was a first stage winner in The Poetry Business
Book & Pamphlet Competition 2004


Midnight and a new moon. The train
had stopped at Lille. The town
slept, at least as far as I could see.

Phil had his head on my shoulder;
I remember wishing I was not so bony,
no-one had ever rested his head on me before.

And when they did, when my babies
nodded off, their fists open, trusting,
I would remember this glimpse of Lille.

The night pricked with stars.
A stopped train. Midnight. A new moon.

Due for publication end of May 2005.
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