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Authors: Anne Macaulay

Published by Arachne Press

ISBN: 9781909208650

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The third of our #WomenVote100 Anthologies: a showcase for poets Arachne has previously published in anthologies, giving an opportunity to explore their writing in greater depth.

These are poems made of myth and family, origins and anger, journeys and home: witty, clever, beautiful and sometimes harsh.
Whilst not directly reflecting on the experience of women fighting for the vote, the concerns of women are foremost and are passionately addressed.

      My own sex, I hope, will excuse me,
      if I treat them like rational creatures,
      instead of flattering their fascinating
      graces, as if they were in perpetual
      childhood, unable to stand alone.

From Vindication by Anne Macaulay, a found poem based on the work of Mary Wollstonecraft.



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