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Virtual Tides

Authors: Paul Casey

Published by Salmon Poetry

ISBN: 9781910669389

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“Paul Casey impresses with his versatility, sophistication and wit. His poems are shape-shifters of sound and style. One moment they are quick and shiny as satellites. The next dark and thoughtful as standing stones in a circle. They range, they lope, they gallop, strident or hushed. At all times they are concerned and caring.” Kobus Moolman

“This is a welcome new collection from a poet who has been an exemplary nurturer of other poets through Ó Bhéal, his renowned Cork-based reading series and festival. These vivid and powerful poems are searing indictments of mealy-mouthed hypocrites; they hex anyone who stands in the path of goodness and light; and they ritualize expressions of compassion and love into powerful medicine for the head. Sophisticated and complex, they yet manage to be generous and open-hearted, much like Paul Casey himself.” Paula Meehan

"With words chosen as skilfully as a flint is knapped Casey relates a modernity still marked by the Neolithic at its fringes, how we are all still pressed by the historic heft of stone, how ripples radiate from each of us to affect the world around us." Patrick Cotter

"Pure poetry. Unstoppable poetry. Poetry that’s necessary." Mary O’Donnell
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