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Wales's Best One Hundred Churches

Published by Seren

ISBN: 9781854114273

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The churches of Wales are one of Britain’s great unheralded treasures, yet for many years there has been no book devoted to them and they await the kind of complete coverage given to churches elsewhere in Britain.  Astonishingly, this is the first opportunity for a book on the subject to show them at their best in colour as well as words. 

The archetypal Welsh church is not in town or village, enhanced by generations of patronage: it is the isolated, simple, evocative walls-with-roof, in a landscape often spiritually charged.  The Welsh churches tell us about medieval times, and the Age of Saints that came before and, amazingly of the pagan Celtic times before that, which they were meant to erase.

Illustrated in colour One Hundred Welsh Churches encompasses a millennium of  churches around Wales, from tiny St Govan’s tucked in its cliff-face, through ruined Llanthony to the magnificence of the cathedrals at Llandaff and St David’s. It is an invaluable repository of history, art and architecture, spirituality and people’s lives which will appeal to the historian and the tourist, communicants and those without a god.

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