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Authors: Lloyd Jones

Published by Y Lolfa

ISBN: 9781847718181

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An ecological disaster has left Wales an island. People struggle for survival day after day.

This gripping novel, with strong parallels with Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, is set on a remote lake-side farm, Dolfrwynog, in north Wales, where we are introduced to a family living a basic life following a worldwide crisis. The mother, Elin, has turned her back on the world, unable to cope with its hardships, the cold, the poverty. Uncle Wil is aging and the children, Mari and Huw, have yet to realize the tragedy that’s isolating the farm. A chance meeting on the mountain with Nico, a Polish man, may lead to hope.

An experienced and highly respected author in the English language, Lloyd Jones’s novel Mr Cassini won the Wales Book of the Year Prize in 2007 and his novel Mr Vogel has won the McKitterick Prize.

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