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Ways to Build a Roadblock

Authors: Josh Ekroy

Published by Nine Arches Press

ISBN: 9780992758905

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Josh Ekroy’s debut explores the legacy of more than a decade of wars on terror, disastrous foreign policies, extremism and brutality. These poems serve as a reminder that in the midst of the most technologically-advanced digital human age, we live in a constant state of global war. These are adroit and concise poems, observed from the standpoint of an unflinching witness to the ‘shock and awe’ of early twenty-first century history.

It is a deeply humane poetry – whether documenting love and memory, or of lives dreamt beyond conflict, How to Build a Roadblock reminds us of our capacity for compassion and duty to challenge, stand up and speak out.

Josh Ekroy’s poems appear in many publications, including Rialto. He won second prize in the Doire Press Chapbook Competition 2012 and has a poem in The Best of British Poetry 2011 (Salt).

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