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W.D. Snodgrass in Conversation with Philip Hoy

Authors: Philip Hoy

Published by Between The Lines

ISBN: 9780953284108

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An 80 page book, containing a 15,000 word interview, a 20 page comprehensive bibliography, and a representative selection of quotations from the poet's critics and reviewers.

W.D. Snodgrass in Conversation with Philip Hoy … is rich in anecdote and memory - of Randall Jarrell, Robert Lowell, William Empson and others; it is fascinating, too, on Snodgrass's experience … of creative writing classes; it is good on Snodgrass's own work - especially when he discusses his extraordinary cycle The Fuehrer Bunker - and its reception by readers (and others). There is, in short, much to enjoy and learn from here.

Though the questions are asked by Hoy, he also has things to say that aren't questions addressed to Snodgrass; what is presented is, that is to say, more of a conversation than interviews often are, and seems better for it. The book's value is increased by the inclusion of what seems to be a pretty thorough bibliography of Snodgrass's work, and of critical writings on him. Warmly recommended.

Glyn Pusglove, The Swansea Review, 1999.
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