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We Are A Circus

We Are A Circus

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We Are A Circus is the charming tale of a rainbow family, riding around Thessaloniki on a bike. They are poor and living precariously, but they are happy together and have fun in the sun and in the rain (though sometimes they get a bit cold).

As the book progresses, we follow them through the seasons, playing and cycling and fending off the weather. When their landlord turfs them out of their house, things get more serious as they have to find a new home, fast.

Nasta has created an exuberant, compassionate story, which is beautifully complemented by Rosie Fencott's energetic artwork. 

We are a circus.
Fortunately not like the ones that train animals.
(Fortunately means “happiness”)
We are trained by animals! They even make us jump through flaming hoops!
I am kidding. Animals would never do this.