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What it was and what it was not

Authors: Juliet Bingley

Published by Rockingham Press

ISBN: 9781873468821

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This is hay weather
In chalk Hertfordshire
The morning green
Dried to bright
By evening
Childhood spent
In nursery chairs
Summer dresses
Starched to blue
A rocking horse
Deemed unsafe
And a maze
In the garden
Where I did not
Get lost.


Juliet Bingley spent the war in London as an adlescent, later lived in the Mediterranean married to an admiral, then returned to London as a social worker whilst living in Hertfordshire. Many of her poems reflect this varied life with great vividness. As her friend, Frances Wilson, wrote: "Juliet Bingley's poems are written with all the exuberance of someone who has just fallen in love with writing."
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