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What's Your Problem?

Published by Rockingham Press

ISBN: 9781904851059

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Things that Fall from the Sky

Damp furred cats and dogs spread-eagled
Plunging wet rain
Diving men from a cloud
A surprise
Slow leaves from the trees
Bread from a window
Cherubs with wings
Arcing footballs missing the goal
Tinkling angels toppled from grace.

What’s Your Problem? is a selection of poems
by pupils and students who attend Guy’s
Evelina Hospital School
either as inpatents
or outpatients. The poems demonstrate that
feelings, thoughts and abilities continue even
during illness and hospitalization. But they are
also an exciting read – especially as many
are illustrated with drawings and cartoons.
Guy’s Evelina Hospital School has been in
existence for as long as the NHS itself. It
offers both bedside and home tuition for pupils
with medical needs, who come from all over
London, nationally and beyond. During 2005
the main part of the school is moving from
the Guy’s Hospital Tower to a new site next
to St. Thomas’ Hospital, also in South London.
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