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When Grandpa Cheddi Was A Boy

Authors: Janet Jagan

Published by Peepal Tree Press

ISBN: 9780948833755

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With engaging illustrations by Paul Harris, Janet Jagan's first collection of children's stories has tales of animals, of Guyanese children, Amerindian legend, and the title story which recounts the rural childhood of her husband, then the President of Guyana.

"It is a very positive document as reading material for children and its appearance is made infinitely more important because of the literary wasteland that so many Guyanese have inherited where the habit and value of reading became alien to many local children... The author has a consistently clear, confident, neat and mature style in her narration which the most discriminating reader will appreciate. This is fortified by her talent for crisp and lively dialogue even where plots are slight... the very moving story of "Kathy and the Ring" is one of the most memorable in the book, which is effectively illustrated by Paul Harris who never fails to capture the correct expressions and give life and character to the various animals."
Al Creighton

Janet Jagan has served Guyana for over fifty years as a politician and as editor of The Mirror newspaper. She was the first woman President of Guyana.
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