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Whispers and Breath of the Valleys

Whispers and Breath of the Valleys

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Davoyan's work reflects the experiences of an old nation, yet it is fresh and very personal at the same time. It is impossible not to feel the struggles, hopes and aspirations of his native land in his work.

Whispers & Breath of the Valleys is a book charged with energy – indeed, W. N. Herbert, in his introduction, describes it as being 'saturated with joy'. Davoyan displays 'an equal empathy for the suffering and the exultant, finding for both a voice that implies such oppositions are finally resolved in the poem'.

This is accessible, readable poetry from a world, a way of life and a culture unfamiliar to most English-language readers and, as such, it fascinates and enthralls.

"… saturated with joy"
W.N. Herbert, New Generation poet

"Razmik Davoyan is in communion with nature : warm sorrow oozes from the willows, the tree unwraps its skin to hold him within… But though his poetry is cheerful, it is at the same time marked by the tragedy of existence..."
Zmrouthe Aubozian, France-Arménie

Razmik Davoyan, the author of sixteen collections of poetry, is one of the most prominent writers in Armenia, and an advisor on cultural and educational issues to the President of Armenia. He has received numerous awards including Armenia’s State Prize for Literature in 1986 and the President’s Prize for Literature in 2003. He was decorated with the Order of Saint-Mesrop Mashtots for his achievements and services to the country in 1997.