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The Golden Rule by Earnest Noyes Brookings

The Golden Rule

Some elderly people in nursing homes take to watching television endlessly, doing crosswords or gazing out of the window, but Esrnest Noyes Brookings was set a task by David Greenberger to write poems. Greenberger would supply a topic for the poetry and the next day, whilst working at the nursing home, he would receive the finished poem. Brookings’ poems all follow an ABAB rhyme scheme but the utter lack of concern with literary devices and self-consciousness which often strangles writers is a fresh relief when reading this large, enduring collection.

While all flake cheese

Pressed out of milk

Requires no sneeze

No relation to silk

On plates evident

Relieving partial hunger

Costs more than a cent

But a delicious wonder.

- ‘Cheese’

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