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The Dowry Blade trailer from Arachne Press

Not many of our publishers produce a trailer for their books, but Arachne Press may have you intrigued with this -


The Dowry Blade came out yesterday, and you can still get yourself to a reading from author, Cherry Potts.


Nine years after the loss of her sister, and near obliteration of her clan in an ill conceived raid, Brede, a plains’ nomad, is living unwillingly in the marshes. The sudden ending of a decade long drought, brings with it many changes; rumour has it that the rain was bought at the price of a King’s head, and the sword needed for such a sacrifice is missing.

The arrival of Tegan, a wounded mercenary, brings even more questions. After a series of discoveries and revelations about the Dowry Blade, Tegan and Brede begin their journey to the capital in search of Brede’s sister.

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