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New to Inpress: Butcher's Dog Magazine

Posted on January 13, 2017 by Rebecca Robinson | 0 comments

Butcher’s Dog is a biannual magazine, celebrating poetry and aspiring to encourage poets from the North East of England in particular. However, the 8 issues of Butcher’s Dog up to date have always included a wide range of talented poets from different places and backgrounds.

Seven North East based poets, who had all previously received the Northern Writer’s Award, congregated, under the guidance of Claire Pollard. Conversation soon moved towards starting a new poetry magazine and Butcher’s Dog is the delightful product of this conversation. Claire Malcolm, as Chief Executive, agreed that New Writing North would oversee the publication. Butcher’s Dog is also funded by Arts Council England.

The A5 publication is minimal once you open the often colourful and inviting front covers. Inside, there is a handwritten number to indicate which of the 300 printed yours is, making the experience of owning one of these magazines as unique as the poetry on the coming pages.

You can browse and buy all of the Butcher’s Dog issues here. For a limited time, customers who order the latest copy will receive a backlisted issue or free!

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Little Island Press in The Bookseller

Posted on November 04, 2016 by Rebecca Robinson | 0 comments

Little Island Press are asserting themselves as a new publishing force to be reckoned with tonight at a sold out launch event at the London Review Bookshop. 

To mark the occasion founder editor Andrew Latimer spoke to The Bookseller this week about all things aesthetic, and what drives him to publishing perfection.

Speaking to Danny Arter in an interview that encompasses the search for the perfect cover fabric, typography and Brexit, he said, "The fact is that some people don't read poetry and are, in fact, actively uninterested in it, irrespective of price. But there are a modest, and relatively stable number of readers who are."

"Why, then, should we insist on an often unfeasibly low price point at the expense of the quality of the product, merely in order to keep alive the pipe-dream of poetry's popularity? We risk devaluing the whole medium. Out decision to turn the poetry collection into a tactile, collectable hardback is merely one means of addressing the awkward fit of the poetry book in the contemporary market. By deliberately investing in production values, we hope to restore something of the medium's intrinsic value."

The whole article isn't online yet but you can squint at it above and you can find out more about the Little Island Press philosophy, and information on upcoming titles, on their website

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Shore to Shore Poetry Tour from Picador

Posted on March 22, 2016 by Emily Tate | 0 comments

Well that title is a bit of a tongue-twister!

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Independent Bookshop Week (18th - 25th June 2016) Picador will be running a 14 day poetry tour with bookshops around the UK, and tickets go on sale today!

Running from 19th June - 2nd July, poets will be coming to a independent bookshop near you, including Carol Ann Duffy, Jackie Kay, Imtiaz Dharker and Gillian Clarke.


"When  I  approached  my  publisher  Picador  with  the  idea  of  touring nationwide  with  a  group  of  fellow  poets,  working  in  collaboration  with independent bookshops, I was delighted by their enthusiastic response and that of the Booksellers Association," Duffy said. "It is my belief that there is not a writer nor a reader in the land who is not passionate about independent, local bookshops; Shore to Shore will celebrate both our national art form and our wonderful  independent  bookshops,  so  often  the  cultural  heartbeat  of  their  local  communities."

Click here for more information and tickets.

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