• Bookseller Marketing & Publicity Conference, June 2015

    Cherry Potts of Arachne Press was the winner of our prize draw for a free place at the Bookseller's Marketing & Publicity Conference on 30th June, and she is kindly sharing her key take-aways from the event with us. Here's the first of three posts with her comments and observations on the day ...

    So — a hot day on the South Bank with the Bookseller’s finest. I was doubtful how much benefit I would get from the conference as a one woman outfit and found myself laughing nostalgically at the oft mentioned ‟learning to work together across departments” from those working in the larger publishing houses. I was not alone in laughing at £4k being described as ‟a tiny budget for marketing a single book”. And this was where my doubts sprang from: my marketing budget per book is less than £100! But in fact this was one of those rare events where I didn’t feel at any point that my time was being wasted.