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Carnival Edge: New & Selected Poems

Carnival Edge: New & Selected Poems

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Carnival Edge: New & Selected Poems is Katherine Gallagher’s third book from Arc, and draws together the best work from five of her previous collections, together with a substantial body of new work. 

Gallagher is a prolific and popular poet, and this comprehensive new collection will delight her many devotees, both in the UK and in her native Australia.

"Katherine Gallagher has an aesthetic purity which combines introspection with an outward focus... Her verse is sometimes simply beautiful, at other times tragically moving, but always technically brilliant."

"Gallagher has always been a poet of quiet observation, meditating on her experiences as a traveler or watching small domestic moments... There can be no doubt that Gallagher's poetry has become more confident and complex over time. The early poems, usually no longer than a page, meditate on an observation or a memory, while her more recent work is more ambitious."
Australian Book Review

"No word is wasted in Katherine's poems; she effortlessly glides into metaphor, playful inversions and unexpected turns of thought. She has an artist's eye for colour and line, a musician's ear for rhythm, tone and key, and a poet's skill in selection of the best word."
Anna Avebury

"Carnival Edge not only withstands repeated reading, it invites it. It is a work that demands that it be taken up by poets and explored, so that it can reveal its richnesses, and show further ways in which poetry can be explored... having read Carnival Edge a number of times, I can only say that these prospects excite me enormously."
The Australian Reader

Katherine Gallagher is a widely-acclaimed poet with six books published as well as four chapbooks. Born in Australia, Gallagher has lived and worked in London since 1979. She has been an active force in the community, giving poetry readings, running workshops (for adults and children), judging poetry competitions, and participating in poetry festivals. Her work has been widely reviewed. Gallagher also translates from the French and her own poetry has been translated into French, German, Italian, Romanian, and Serbian. Her two previous collections are Tigers on a Silk Road and Circus-Apprentice.


This book is also available as a eBook. Buy it from Amazon here.