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In The Frame

Published by Five Leaves Publications

ISBN: 9781905512096

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The thirteen stories collected for In the Frame address the transitional moment when we pass from the last stage of our childhood into the first stage of adulthood. The stories illustrate how a key event in our lives can force us to change our understanding of the world.

Amongst the stories on offer, Berlie Doherty gives us a glimpse of the start of a murder mystery. B. K. Mahal shows the way people cope in places alien to them as well as to us. Gwen Grant gives us the reactions when we are witness to others secrets. David Belbin’s character finds that being gay brings an unexpected danger. Nick Mann frames adult hypocrisy for us all to see. With Chris D’Lacey we are taken on the ride of our lives. Sylvia Hall shows us the moment when the tormented turns and faces the tormentor.

Each story gives a voice to the feelings and emotions we experience when changing from child to adult.

Contributors: Pauline Chandler, Berlie Doherty, Chris D’Lacey, Gwen Grant, Sylvia Hall, Linda Kempton, B.K.Mahal, Nick Manns, Lynne Markham, Bette Paul, Caroline Pitcher and Gill Vickery.
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