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The Icon Maker

Authors: Paul Stubbs

Published by Arc Publications

ISBN: 9781904614517

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Noah’s epiphany

I awake yet my pupils they fail to dilate;
remain focused on the animals, the stern
and the oars,

and how alone God looks on the rudder.

The poetry of Paul Stubbs presents an original and unorthodox re-evaluation of religion and human existence, powered by a visionary impulse which, in The Icon Maker, sees the principal theological players in a world ‘beyond’ religion called to account and made to face uncomfortable transformation into corporeal beings. Resolute atheist, jaded sinner, ecclesiastical man – all are the poet’s targets, and in this fine second collection, we encounter a poet working uncompromisingly with language, hounding it to keep it awake and to take on the unrefined materials of his imagination.

Paul Stubbs was born in Norwich where he now lives. He left school at sixteen and worked at various jobs before beginning to write. His poems have appeared in a variety of magazines including Poetry Review, Agenda and The Shop. In 2005, he received two awards for his writing from the Society of Authors and Arts Council East. His first collection, The Theological Museum, was published in 2005.
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